Ecological Leaf Green Autumn Abstraction

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 § 1

Aftertaste : Lake Sonoma 2008 by David Detrich
ecological leaf green autumn abstraction * blackberry jam * Deetjen's breakfast * greens yellows leaf patterns * orangeish ecstasy blending into greens * dried leaf light browns * natural textures * driving up to the vineyard * returning to the dreamtime * Steve Roach * oil pigments sky blue Surrealist cloud formations above * relaxed moods of hiking exhiliration * oxygen blue * considering the Estate Zinfandel at the Fritz Winery * deep autheniticity of the poetic hills * assuming the abstract persona is interested * "Wine glass reflections of subjective consciousness in the black purplish reddish tones of viticultural poetics painted across the stars in the observatory stellar clouds of illuminated time lapse flavors a vertical tasting of the topographical highlands the minimal structures of the innovative novel like Stonehenge paleolithic doorways to the novelistic story of the mountain stream of sparkling excitations and the sculptural composition of the medieval rock figure who is a metaphor for the chalky pastels of the lake written in a sequence of dance movements * gesticulations of rhythmic sound * do the twist * I like it like this * artforms of the green leaf abstraction * art movement of orangeish greens * tripping swaying swirling * honeycomb * yellow greens * grape leaf * Zinfandel

rock sculpture * abstract composition * surface of the planet * rocky soil * mint flavors * stone with crack * striptease * the innovative novel written in the form of texticles * driving to Seven where the best dancers in the world * cavort frolic prance * Boulder style where the novel is a metaphor for diamond lights becoming an allusion to Ronald Sukenick where the probable meaning of the 21st Century novel is metamorphic transformation of characterization into Surrealist images as the dancers twirl sway to the music conveying spontaneity in gestures * soft sculptures * islands * atmospherics of the microclimate * "Digressions in the mini-relationships which form a multiplicity of plot lines which reflect through the laser lights in precise beams which shimmer through the art movement of the ultramodern novel where the characters dance to the sound expressions in the vibratory complex of contentment sleek smooth steps which speak with the seductive voice * intimate characters * purr of the black cat * a story grasped in the significance of word patterns * figurative drawing * Marcel Duchamp esthetic echos of written art object * transparent pages in the rays of light * hard sculpture of the phallic form * pubic stripe * lightwaves * pounce * reflective glass * blue light * crystal clear * violet shadows * ribbons

geometric patterns * color in motion * laser lightbeams * the fine art of bartending * eager to taste the celebration of the thought of a novel * Anchor Steam beer * Surrealist object translucent interface ultra presence * Arshile Gorky brushwork blue water poem signifying the logocentric * opaque gray cloud formations * manifesto of metallic rails * book cover design windblown souvenir * "The smile of the abstract gentleman with red western shirt resembles the idealized facial features of the painting whose courtesy is drawn in the unity of color and light the body metamorphosizing into a tree while the daughter in the high neck sweater is treated to a smile * this one is on me * the time lapse imagery becomes the sunset horizon * swerve into the groove of surreality * this novel is an accumulation of colors * ultra blue cocktail * a crystallization of water * a metafictional awareness of the sentence structure as concrete lettering * the narrative persona is an assemblage of digital golden reddish deer grazing * the molecular structure of the narrative accelerates into symmetry * coherence * body shape * leaf green concretion * crush * red laser beam * dancing * star shapes

crayon colors light rays * green tree shapes * body poetics of curved lines * face of a man * master of arts thesis * paperback writer * tv screen * the idealized face of a lady * spiritual being * Abstract Expressionism * with the smile of intellectual satisfaction * creature of comfort in the serenity of the hot tub * sympathy for the gentleman at ease with the California lifestyle * "Prosperity is the goal of the abstract literary characterization who seeks the freedom to write the innovative novel written in the strands of hair which are drawn in the shoulder length brush strokes of the fine art textures which become threads of the blue textile at sleep under the New Mexico patterns of the Native American blanket while mankind emerges from the ancient cultures into the Surrealism of the marginal essay/fiction * literary criticism defines the makeup of the Indian flute player * becoming the concept of the abstraction * petroglyphic sunrise over the canyons * frost crystallized on the green leaves * dune grass * beige tones of pastels * Georgia O'Keefe flower compositions * hot chocolate with marshmallows * raspberry tints * vanilla unconscious surreality * abstract cowboy persona * cherry pie * makeup brush strokes * blue white tones * Burgundy grape purple * fiction magic

sound expressions * John Cage * facile * chance composition * a gathering into one * meditations on the sunlight * yellow orange * golden autumn of the galaxy * macrocosm * informal infinity of light years * what about the noise * variations in the novelistic dream illusions * magic mushrooms * asymmetrical structure of the innovative novel * a Surrealist pipedream of viticultural subjectivity * "The drawing of the vineyard in a free form phantasmagoria of oil paints creates the illusion of the avant garde poetics in a reverie of future studies where the topless figure in the prosaic multiplication of ecstasy is admired by the idealized persona of noble character who pops the cork on the champagne astronomy of divine origin * with the logic of the approximate sun * milk star of constellations * Upper Peninsula sunrise * dark Trojan horse of Mycenae * topless amazon warrior * sexual expertise * drinking from the bubbles * the studious quenching of the mythological thirst * an abstraction of the Upper Peninsula sunrise * the taste on the tongue * genitals * the serpent mound extending from the dunes * ancient earthworks * the light citric acidity of antioxidants * fruit juice * playful sex kitten * arousal  * characters in a book * reader's perspective of eyeglasses * sex star luminary * a representation of teasing * satisfied in a tangle of curls strands * grape leaf

brush strokes * candy corn * orangeish yellow white * orange shades * peaceful protest on Wall Street * a mixture of paints * intense olive green * abstract composition * phantom erotic fantasies * marching up to the Brooklyn Bridge * architectural drawing of illusory buildings * space colonization * cosmic lightyears across the universe * whole foods * "According to the theory of Mattamathics the formal prose of the innovative novel is perceived in the subjective truth of infinity, where the abstraction of the Surrealist drawings are meditations on the macrocosm within the domain of systematic logic * the multiplication of dimensional perspectives implies the divine origin of the space mythology * the constellations of poetic thought * in the sunlight luminary persona * the reader of the novel entitled in the arcane symbols of the star * the galaxy idealized as a blue white disk of curls * the drawing of the character from a book * the student may consider the paintings of Matta as the subject of a drawing * playful kittens * combination of words syntactic structures * the magnitude of soft sculptured fur * Michigan wines * from vignoles to Riesling * watercolor images of the dunes * dream magic * sylvan woods * enchanting plot developments in the Surrealist novel * bracelets * portrait of the abstract persona * free association

a drive up Scaggs Springs Road towards Stewarts Point * madrone trees with bare bark * the truth in painting is admiration for the luminary sex star * hiking down the trail to the western shore * medieval mood with ancient foundation * ancient boxlike purse turned to stone * historic culture on west coast extending up from the mountains of South America * hillside stone steps covered with green grass * "The symmetrical page design with the use of typography as symbolic notation in Dream the Presence of the Circular Breast Starfish Topography, an innovative novel written in double columns, resembles Zettels Traum with alternating geometric patterns of prose * where the two dimensions of the page 

Celestial Metaphor Starflower Sun: Ascending Steps

Saturday, September 10, 2011 § 0

art persona celestial metaphor starflower sun drawing nature trail fantasies luminous ascending the steps in a dreamlike phantasmagoria with a green dragon posed in a kinetic gesture of oscillating leaves above Sbragia in the abstract patterns of a time lapse sequence aromas wildflowers ascending steps chocolatey tannins of the Gino's Vineyard Zinfandel in the elation of heartbeat expressions fixed luminous star of the sun as the lady of Surrealistic equilibrium is perceived with the naked eye in an olive green pastel drawing of moon shaped circles in pastels blue symbols of gold earrings asterisks * in constellations * nightclub personality * configured in the horoscope * idealized portrait with eyes destined to a celestial body above the California orange poppies in the color spectrum of sauvignon blanc aftertaste with residual sugars on the tongue

as the 60s rock star resemblance creates the narrative structure of literary expressions creating a sense of  continuity in the Dry Creek microclimate of hazel crystalline eyes with golden blonde and leopard skin abstract patterns in the 21st Century novel written as a combination of words celebrating the lifestyle of surreality in the abstract painterly characterizations Jim Morrison films with Pam resembling the waterfall with red hair featuring the narrator a sex symbol of moderately cool image composed of psalms ideograms graphesis avant garde novels redwood forests ascending the mountain on a narrow trail etched through the rock above L. Preston envisioned as lightwaves of color golden sunlight greens of the vine sky blue clouds brushed above the mountain top vineyards of poetry petite sirah barbera carignane envisioned in a time lapse film with aerial photography in moon animal variations of visibility defining the abstract image of the novelist who is represented by the surreality of words so that the novel is a metaphor for the aftertaste of a purplish black petite sirah ink of the vine

as Inky the black cat who is learning French says Oui with a precise affirmative voice with the chocolate ice cream added to a cup of coffee while a nude descends the staircase oo la la whistling to the young spirit entity whose studies have advanced with an eagerness to learn while the narrator a pastel drawing with the green strokes of corderoy from the artist’s shirt sits in the meditative space of the van reading The Burial of the Count of Orgaz and other poems by Pablo Picasso with the memory of the vivid presence in fur with sandalwood incense rising above into the white cloud formations while the plot occurs as a sequence of random events based on the context of autobiographical simultaneity

the apartment reflected in the wine glass as the poetics of conscious subjectivity gives the freedom to the abstract persona in pastel blue cowboy shirt to meditate on the blonde whose textures flow along the sidewalk in a stream of bright young stars in time lapse chronology to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach The Art of the Fugue with the counterpoint of two melodic lines interweaving in a novel written on the pretext of esthetic dialogue with H by Philippe Sollers this sea of ink “The celestial bodies are filmed by the lady of the orange poppy color spectrum as the luminary persona of sunkissed breasts whose blonde surreality of words becomes a figure image metaphor through the lightwaves of sky blue in the visibility of subjective autobiographical consciousness,” the wine glass reflections of poetry reflect the black pin striped vest of the novelist before the peacock blue shades of optimism as the random events assume a chess piece logic

at the top of the hill sandy pastel shades dune grass wildflowers the sky blue star with western shirt hikes up the trail as an abstract painterly persona composed of mythopoetics ancient archeology Camelot castles with a view of the hills above Lily Hill at Bella Vineyards in the context of reading the 21st Century innovative novel the hillside ascending up to the peaks of Skaggs Springs Road a narrator who prefers the mountain vineyards of Williams Wines at elevation 1650 feet in pencil outlines of mountain top figurative drawings pastel azure with the advanced poetic technique inspired Cosmic Realities Vanilla Tobacco Dawnings by Tristan Tzara the Dadaist concrete visibility of vertical redwood forests with the aromas of incense strawberry petite sirah * without capitalization * unpunctuated prose * wisdom of avant garde esthetics * denotations * pastel crayons in  green hues * vineyard leaves * wine glass story

a tentative looking out from the top of the hill speculative conjecture * personification of love * narratology * structuralist * informal prose artist * fictionalization of the metatext * the abstract persona looks across Dry Creek Valley to the hilltop vineyards cloud waves on the other side blue sky pastels golden sun brunette appreciation dialogue with the signifier and signified acoustic twelve string guitar medieval moods printing press book arts concepts grapevine designs the literature of self-reflexive moods nature trail perspectives of Ferrari-Carano Vineyard in classic Italian white shades geometrical piano key white layered images in time lapse views of the valley the blue white galaxy above the writing space facial features * smiling intentions *  blue sky * rainbow above the van

hiking further up the sandy trail to the top of the mountain comparable to mediterranean azure * Picasso Museum * pigmentation * simple paintings * chapel outline broad brush strokes winged horse nude dancers painting is a pretext for a novelistic art movement of unpunctuated prose hilltop vineyards produce intense dark flavors for cabernet sauvignon mountain top perspective the trail winds into the hilltop forest down to the road which runs past Lake Sonoma on to the Rock Pile appellation which the literary characterization has been featuring Mauritson Wines blended with Rock Pile grapes a long winding mound of land with vineyards sloping down to the lake the first glimmer of the northern highlands above Sonoma County which extend up to Mendocino * subjective stream of consciousness * punctuated by stars * autobiographical nature trails * 21st Century innovative novel * sandy tones of pastels * blue tints of lake water * the arcane path of poetics * a manifesto of topographic hills * exotic cheetah fur *  pink tints across the green pastel * photogenic brushwork

leaf green orange pumpkin shaded greens blending into yellow Robert Delaunay orange yellows wine purple black shades purplish black petite sirah with the poetic density of metaphor Harvest Moon the plot is composed of favorite hiking trails which evoke the presence of seemingly random memories of relationships in variations of abstract painterly personas which are positioned in the structure of the innovative novel a Raymond Federman pretext for the unpunctuated prose the story of a hike on the nature trail ascending the surface of the canvas in the presence of the cheetah textures painted across the stars of the galaxy the avant garde wildflowers in the arcane typefonts of the novelistic variations on the critifictional space of the minimal structures of the book-as-art-object * reaching the peak of the mountainous denotations where the foundation of an ancient building structured in stone before the descending steps of the nude *  dedication of this book * oil paints dance descending steps leaf green sunlight gold vertical trees * green dune grass yellows green leaf orange shades * ecstasy golden light green grape leaves yellow orange sky blue * phrased in the wisdom of descending steps

blonde star of the ink blue sky blue grapeleaf green sunlight yellow orange pumpkin blended brushstrokes dune grass green electric blue lingerie the bold black pencil oultine abstract persona hiking down the sandy trail of pigmentations Led Zeppelin style hat with jacket in a chronology of characterizations in a conscious subjectivity of guitar expressions of Halloween fashions Rose best makeout artist a novel of sensual techniques from the perspective of the orgasmic juice running down the leg of the Surrealist object rising in the sandalwood incense of erotopoetics raspberry love oils fairy lingerie costume diamond lights descending trail past the fallen tree UFO curving through the white aspen hiking through the rainbow spectrum of color in time lapse photogenic contexts of vivid presence flowering into facial features the characters through the green leaves redwood forest mari trees tree bark textures * vineyard greens descending on Lake Sonoma * sand dunes descending on grass greens * sky blue cloud formations ancient figures * winemaker crayon oulines complexion pink cheeks * hues of the pretext shades of blonde * green tones descending to the van below * gold stars punctuate the space of the page

northern highlands * more civilized nature trails * dried leaves rock browns * dried grass golden browns * leaf green textures * sandy trail leading down to the valley * underground chamber under sinking soil * Lake Sonoma sands descending to the parking lot * lightwaves focus on the innovative text which prolongs the pleasure of comprehension writing in the groove with the escort of the wind written with the inspiration of art images outlined in the synopsis of the novel which describes the model and wine taster in patterns of cheetah fur soothing the pet as the narrator appreciates the cunning design of the Puss in Boots exotic figurative drawing written in literary variations of wildflowers across the stars of the galaxy as the van of gold advances across the parking lot in the abstract time lapse imagery of the film while the narrator admires the curves in the V necked sweater of the avant garde figure turning at Dutcher Creek Road driving up to Fritz Underground Winery * savoring the northern dividing line * the authentic earthy flavors with deep zinfandel intensity * grape leaf green * rocky soil * ascending * sky blue * vineyard green * dried leaves * pumpkin orange * blending into light greens * aspen